Blue Balls LED light up golf balls are designed by golfers for golfers. We’re not, like, great golfers. But we love to get out on the course and have fun. And we hated when we had to finish early because the sun was setting.

So we set out to find a solution. A ball that would be bright enough to allow real golf, even in pitch darkness. A ball that would fly like a real ball so that we could keep shooting our normal double bogey golf. A ball that was simple to use and would last for months of fun.

We worked with the best designers we could find to create Blue Balls. Our team used our background in sourcing, design and marketing to help develop a ball that will delight golfers of all types.

But we’re not just focused on fun. Blue Balls is also committed to giving back. Our founders have all been affected by testicular cancer as it has taken family members and friends from us. So we decided to try to help support survivors and people fighting testicular cancer. That is why Blue Balls gives back 2% of all profits to the testicular cancer society.

We hope you’ll give our balls a try. Last longer and have more fun with Blue Balls.